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Latest job done

Animated advert and explainer for "Travel On Skill" project

Short Advert cartoon for finish company "Infodata"

Uniel Lamps Adv. German version 

Mobile App advert

Cloud Service Adv

Fighting Fish. Youtube chanel adv

First episode of web series

First episode of web series

Infodata adv

Beer web adv

Animation Showreel 2017

For last 15 years I've made more than 200 animated videos, hundreds of commercial jobs including work for PEPSI, Discovery channel, Greenpeace, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and much more. I'm now living in Israel (Ramat Gan) and will always be glad to find some new partners worldwide. I speak english, hebrew, russian and german. 

I'm making mostly 2D animated videos, interactive presentations, explainers. But also 3D graphics, cartoons, comixes and all kinds of 2D animation jobs and designs. Do not hesitate to contact to me.

Price Waterhouse Coopers adv

Cupon Service adv

Crispeis adv

Game intro

Adv Song. Common cold drug

"Breaking the Pig" feature film

"Breaking the Pig" is the original story by Etgar Keret, famous israeli writer. Here is his site. I drew this animation for two years. But not continuously, only in my free from commercial work time. I've made the concept of the story slightly different. It's transformed it to more surreal one, more ambiguous and complicated, the characters are more prominent and exaggerated. Animation requires a completely different approach to the story IMHO. It's in hebrew, but with english subtitles. Completed fully in Adobe Flash.

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