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My name is Oleg Kuvaev. I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia now living in Israel. I'm a painter, designer and 2D animator.


In 90th I was just a painter and sculptor. Was pretty happy and enough successful with this profession. But pure curiosity has leaded me from handmade sculpting to digital sculpting - 3D modelling.  So apparently I've came to 2D animation from the opposite direction. At the begining I was 3D modeller and animator in gaming industry , but later decided the 2 dimentions are more than enough for me. It's just not the question of quantity of dimentions, but quality of action and storytelling.


Sometimes I'm still doing some 3D character modelling job, but it's more like a hobby. I'm 2D animator and already for more than 14 years. Mostly it's limited animation independent style. During last years I've made really a lot of animated cartoons that I'm really proud of. I've wrote, directed and produced four animated serials and more than a hundred of short animated advertisements. One of my serias (most popular) is called "Masyanya" (russian nickname) and includes more than 200 episodes.


In addition hundreds of commercial jobs including work for PEPSI, Discovery channel, Greenpeace, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and much more. I'm now living in Israel (Ramat Gan) and will always be glad to find some new partners worldwide. I speak english, hebrew, russian and german. I'm making mostly animated videos, interactive presentations, explainers. But also 3D graphics, cartoons, comixes and all kinds on flash-animation jobs and designs. 


And I still do painings. Here is my Artbook that you can even buy. )


Wikipedia article about me 

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